The View from Saturday

It's the weekend at last. Another long and tiring week which (my fatigue of which is greatly influenced by the shorter, drab days) leads into a busy weekend with the slight possibility of a nap, maybe sometime tomorrow..

Today we head to RIT for Homecoming/Parents weekend, which for us will mainly mean that we are going to see the guest speaker, Alec Baldwin (some people hate him, some love him. I LOVE HIM). Cam was not originally going to be around this weekend so we had not planned to go for any PW events, until last week when he texted to ask if we were planning to come as he was able to get some tix from a friend who had a change in plans. So, off we'll go to Brick City for a couple of hours until we head have to head home in time for Annalisse to leave for Rolling Hills, a "haunted" asylum near Batavia. She's a little freaked out about that (being a bit of a chicken), but I told her it would be fun. We'll see!!

Tomorrow it's clean, clean, clean as we prepare for the arrival of our Irish exchange student, Eve. She and 20(ish) of her classmates will be in Fairport from Tuesday to Tuesday, and just about every minute is planned already. Annalisse and the Fairport group will visit the Irish kids in February, and they are all looking forward to this week's visit and the return trip. So off I go to clean the bathroom and dust. What a glamorous life I do lead!!


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