It's hip to be (a) square(root)

Yesterday I turned the age of a certain square root. I'll let you figure out which one. Let's just say next year is not going to be pretty.

It's been a whirlwind of a week, starting with my trip to Kansas City last Tuesday. It was cool being in Missouri one minute, and Kansas the next during the car ride from the airport to my meeting. I found the scenery underwhelming and quite undistinctive, bordering on unattractive, and realized this weekend (as I was admiring the changing colors in the hilly Finger Lakes) that it's really pretty beautiful in this area. The trip itself was tiring, and I returned home around midnight on Thursday, got up for work the next morning, worked until noon, then we headed to Buffalo for a family wedding.

Ready for the dance.
Seems like she'll be too
cold for October.
Friday was also Annalisse's 17th birthday, and the poor kid stayed home that night while we went to the wedding because we knew we'd be home late and she had the SAT the next morning. My niece, Nic, came to the rescue and took her out to dinner. Then, on Saturday night she had the Harvest Dance, which she got all gussied up for. Another late night!

He's tolerating this.
On Sunday, Mark and I took a lovely fall ride to Naples (NY, not Italy, although they do call it "Italy Valley") to pick up a (mile high) coconut cream pie from Bob & Ruth's for the quad-birthday celebration on Sunday night. After a dinner at P.F. Changs, friends and family gathered at our house to celebrate Nic's, Annalisse's, my, and Mark's birthdays (respectively). For Nic and I: the coconut cream pie; for Annalisse: a gluten-free/lactose free cupcake; for Mark: a chocolate mousse cake. Cam was able to come for dessert, which was nice. The highlight (for me, anyway) was Annalisse opening her gift from the family: two tickets to see the band FUN at RIT in November. Her brother even put $$ toward the purchase. He'll probably regret that when she wants to hang out with him at the concert.

Last, but not least, my big day was rounded out with a trip to Oneonta to visit Hartwick College. Nothing says "happy birthday" like a seven-hour car ride (3 1/2  hours each way). Anyway, it was a bit of a wasted trip since none of us were really impressed with the college. It was generally very scenic, but a bit dated and really, really hilly (not a big deal but hard to picture getting around in the cold, frozen winter). I'm sure with all the hills and steps the kids there don't experience "the freshman 15."

And so, on this chilly Tuesday morning it's back to reality (a.k.a. work) as I broke down and turned the heat on as we got ready for work. Bundle up, it's coming...  

Tix to Fun!
The mythical coconut cream pie
Nic is now officially a "Fairport-ite"


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