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No more signs?

Do you remember this post, where I talked about how, after my father passed away, I began to associate the "blowing out" of street lights with him because, frequently right after his death, when I was walking the dog or driving down the street a street light would go out at the precise moment I passed it? In fact, the day "Nana" passed away Annalisse texted me to say a light on campus had blown out just as she was walking by it, and she said hello to Grandpa and Nana (and felt a bit of comfort in that).

Well, just an update to say this hasn't happened to me in a while. I especially wondered if I would notice it more after my mother passed away, but it's been almost a month and NOTHING. Strange, huh? I'm thinking she's keeping him so busy "up there" that he doesn't have any more time to send me signs. Either way, I'm glad they're together again, but miss those comforting signs just a little.

Magical Twenty-Seven

Happy Anniversary to us! Twenty-Seven Years. Hard to believe!!!

As I've stated on the blog before, it's weird and wild and exciting to think we've been married for 27 years, but sad, too, missing all our family members who have left us. I think back to when my parents had a 25 year anniversary celebration and they seemed so old then! And just to blow your mind a little more, Mark and I started dating when I was 18...and we all know how old I am now! There have been ups and downs (and really high ups and really low downs), but here we are alone again, with no one to keep us company but the dog!

We will be celebrating our special day with dinner out at Mr. Dominics in Fairport.Then, on Sunday, Nicole and I will head to Syracuse, pick up Sissy, and go to look for bridesmaids dresses. In the meantime, today is a celebration of US!

Hibernation mode...shutdown in progress...

Sweatpants after work, bed at 9. It's happening.

Last week: 80 degrees and sunny. This week 50 degrees, windy and cloudy. Noooo!!!

As with the last couple of years, last week I traversed 700 miles in three days covering the North Country grad fairs. That gets old quick. Anyway, it was great to see my colleagues again, and I had fun catching up over a glass of wine (or two).

The kids' semesters are in full swing. The fun novelty of SU has worn off and Annalisse is trying to juggle all her commitments between school work, the expectation of volunteering for her major, and crew. This past weekend she tried out for the SU improv team, and, although she advanced to the second audition (10 out of 40 kids advanced), she did not make the final cut. I'm sure she's very disappointed about that...that was the ONE thing she truly wanted to do in college. Oh well, I'm sure there's a silver lining in this lesson for her. I am a little relieved she did not make it (although I…

Fairport State of Mind

This weekend was the epitome of everything that is awesome about Fairport. There are many days when I'm amazed that we are able to live in such a wonderful town. Here's why.
Friday the weather forecast called for hot and humid weather, WHICH I LOVE (right, Aunt Sher?), so I told Mark to hurry home so we could walk to Donnelly's for dinner before it got too crazy there. Well, he did, but it was CRAZY, so we decided to go to the Blue Cactus, where, despite their being chronically understaffed, I had a delicious mojito. Y-U-M. After dinner we headed back home, took Pup for a quick walked, called Nic and Patrick and invited them to meet us at Fairport Brewing Company for some outdoor-live-music-patio-fun. FBC has an amazing thing going this summer, with live music every weekend, food trucks, fire pits on the patio, and generally just a fun '80s beer blast vibe. It was the place to be on a wonderful, late summer night where we saw tons of people we knew, and the age demogr…