Saturday, July 6, 2013

And the chicken goes to...

...the Baker kids, apparently.

The revered chicken
We picked the kids up from their camp job yesterday afternoon. Or, rather we picked up Annalisse; Cam went out to dinner with his camp pals. We waited a little while for them to finish their staff meeting, then out came Annalisse carrying this giant stuffed yellow chicken. It seems being awarded the chicken is a great honor.

It was jointly given to Cam and Annalisse in acknowledgement of a great job done at camp for the past week. Annalisse: for working really well and being super creative with the "sprouts" (little kids/day campers) during an especially rainy week, and Cam: for dealing with some particularly difficult camper situations this week. It must have meant a lot to Cam because he asked, "are you going to write about it on your blog?" Well, if he mentions the blog you bet I am! So here it is!

Chicken award duly noted.

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