My Tough AP Bio Class

I've joked in the past that during Annalise's grade school, middle school, and high school year that I've had "a lot of homework" throughout the grades. Meaning: depending on the class, Annalisse sometimes needs a lot of academic help (at home), mostly in the form of study buddy support in preparation for upcoming tests and such. We generally build a PowerPoint presentation to review terms and concepts (modern day flash cards), and spend a lot of time in the upstairs porch/three-season room with the space heater blasting and a soft dog to lie on, as we memorize items for the upcoming test.

This year's AP Bio class has been a killer. Thankfully, Annalisse's other classes have not been that demanding because just about every night we are hunkered down, memorizing terms and reviewing bio-chemical processes. The class has been a huge challenge for her, with some successes and other not so great results, but she's holding her own. She is so determined to stick with the class, and to pass, and her perseverance has amazed her teacher and her advisor as well. Her thought is that if she wants to take biology as a major in college, she has to succeed at this class. We both agree that the rigor of this class will be much like the rigor of a college class, so it's great practice.True enough. But, man...these words and concepts are like another language to me. And every night - jeesh! That makes for not much of a life right now; but we keep plugging away.


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