Frankenstorm Fall-out (a.k.a. Sandy the SuperStorm)

It's Tuesday, the day after what was a pretty bad storm day for NYC, NJ and Washington DC (mainly the states on the Atlantic seaboard). Here in Fairport, there was minimal damage and lots of rain/wind, but truthfully, we've had worse wind and rain. There's been plenty of gusty wind over the years, and Jasper is my wind-o-meter because the the worse the wind gusts are, the more anxious he gets (which usually manifests itself with him sleeping "way up," plastered between Mark and I). Last night there was no real noticeable difference in his behavior, and we all slept soundly, undisturbed by the wind.

I'm told by a friend that Lake Ontario seemed like the Ocean yesterday, whipped up with large caps, which we don't usually see here. A couple of direct results of the storm:

  • Eve's departure was delayed from this morning tomorrow morning. The kids were supposed to leave today at 5am for a couple of days in NYC. That's not happening. Hopefully they can enjoy a couple of days in the Big Apple before they are scheduled to fly out Thursday night (I also wonder what will become their flight back to Shannon with all the cancellations and delays over the last two days). At least they'll have some interesting stories to tell about being in NY during the 'largest storm of the century.' They have a meeting this morning to determine next steps.
  • The kids are off school today. Fairport cancelled today's school around 3pm yesterday. I wonder if they're regretting that now as it is warm, calm and not raining out. Unless the weather take a turn for the worse today it's probably a wasted "snow day."
All in all, we escaped unscathed, except for a mess of branches and leaves on the lawn. My thoughts go out to those severely affected by the storm downstate and in the states bordering the Ocean. Stay safe, everyone!

2:37pm Update: Eve and the Irish kids are now leaving Fairport on Thursday. I'm not sure if that means early Thursday or Thursday afternoon. I'm also not sure if they plan to spend any time in NYC or when they're heading back to Ireland. Sounds like there's a lot I don't yet know...!


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