The Long Short Week

This week seems like it's taken forever to get to Friday, even having had Monday off for our trip to Hartwick College. The good news is that after so many choppy weeks in and out of the office I feel like I got a super amount accomplished at work this week. That feels so good. I'm sure I'll be feeling stressed again next week when I'm on the road to college fairs for two days.

Mark left at 4am this morning to drive to Nashua, NH to interview with a consulting company. If he is offered/takes the job, he wouldn't be working/living in Nashua, but chances are he would have to travel again during the week, just as he did during his days with Oracle. The interview starts with pizza at noon so he decided to drive this morning, then drive back tonight - which is not ideal seeing it will be an extremely long day for him (not to mention 14 hours of driving), but we have an open house at Mercyhurst University tomorrow so he was not able to stay over and come back tomorrow. I expect he'll be home around 11, then we will get up at 5 tomorrow to get back on the road in time for the 9am Open House program in Erie, PA. This should be interesting!!

When we get back from Mercyhurst on Saturday afternoon the Fourth Ave street party/Harvest Festival will be in full swing. This gathering is in place of the usual September street picnic because we were rained out on the original date. The forecast so far is 58 and sunny, so fingers crossed!

This fall so far has been dark, cold and rainy. In the past, it seemed like we could count on continued warmish, sunny weather at least through mid-October. Not this year. My hibernation instincts have kicked in full force. It's going to be a long winter.

P.S. A very Happy Birthday to Aunt Mary (Mim-Mim) today. We are sending lots of love her way!!


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