Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Last Race

Today was Cam's last regatta, this time in Pittsford. It was a beautiful, warm weekend for the race, a much needed reward after all the terrible weather we've had to endure for this sport. His boat made it to the finals, but was beaten in the end by McQuaid. For all my complaining, the end is bittersweet.

We'll miss the people and having Cam involved in such a great sport. With the boathouse being just down the street we've promised the volunteer coordinator we'll help out with the Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta this fall. It looks like Annalisse will not be returning to crew, having moved onto other interests. Thanks, FCC, for the great run, or should I say, "paddle!" : )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

World Without End, Amen

By now you've probably figured out that the world did not end on Saturday. Maybe for some, metaphorically, it did end, but in general most of us are still physically "here." Oh well, there's always October 2011, and, if that doesn't work out, December 2012 to look forward to - or to dread, depending on your point of view.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Tony Surprise!

This afternoon we had a surprise visit from my OTHER nephew, Anthony (or, Tony, as he is now known), who stopped by after coming north from Raleigh, NC, for a wedding shower/bachelor party for his friend Josh, who is originally from Fairport.

It was so great to see him! I'm trying to convince him to come up again for Cam's graduation celebration. The kids always have such a good time when they get together.

Love you, buddy!

Congrats to Drew!

Congratulations to my awesome nephew, Andrew Walldroff, on his graduation from SUNY Potsdam today!! While he still has his student teaching semester in the fall, he's mostly done and that's good enough for me. Good luck, Mr. Woof Woof!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Winding Down with Crew

How could I have not posted about the results of last week's NYS Scholastic Regatta in Saratoga Springs? Oh well, better late than never!!

Cam's crew career is winding down as we head into the final stretch for spring regattas. Last weekend he headed out on Friday afternoon for Saratoga, and we followed (just for the day) on Saturday. OF COURSE, the forecast, after a beautiful, sunny week, predicted rain. The good news is the rain held off until 3:30pm on Saturday, by which time Cam's boat was getting queued up for the semi-final race, having come in fourth out of six for the qualifying race. For this regatta, Cam, who usually coxes the C boat, was moved up to the B boat (there are the A, B, and C boats) as the regular coxswain, Kevin, stayed behind to attend the senior ball.

By 5pm, the conditions were miserable, and Cam's boat finally made its way down the course, having been waiting in the pouring rain for 1 1/2 hours. I was concerned about him as he was already not feeling great from a cold that had plagued him most of the week. It was an incredibly exciting and close finish for second, and we left not exactly knowing if Cam's boat had come in second or third. Mark and I hit the road for the long ride home (in pouring rain...), and Cam texted me a couple of minutes into our trip to let me know they had come in "second by a second," and had advanced to the finals.

On Sunday morning, while we were home dry and warm, the rain continued in earnest in Saratoga. I continued to worry about Cam's health, and, adding to my concern was the fact that he generally would not wear his boots or rain gear to keep dry (teenage rebellion!!). Luckily, for once, he heeded my advice and wore what he need to, and made it through the day bringing his boat in 4th out of 6. Their performance earned the team a gold metal, as they cane in first rated for a "club" (not associated with a high school) team. It was an awesome finish for this big race, which is highly regarded.

Now we have two regattas to go before we wrap up the Baker family crew experience as Annalisse will most likely not rejoin, pursing one of her many other interests. Today Mark and Cam are in Syracuse, which might be underwater because of all the flooding this spring. Rain is predicted all day (naturally), and at least Cam left armed with his boots and rain gear. The question is, though, will he where them?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Fabulous B@ker Blog!

Happy 4th Birthday to You!

Happy 4th Birthday to You!

Happy 4th Birthday, B@ker Blog,

Happy 4th Birthday, to You!

And many more!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The End of Days, again.

Have you heard? The world is going to end (again) this coming Saturday, May 21 (or is it October 21...or is it sometime in 2012...). That means I'd better get busy; I have a lot to do in the next six days, like:
  • Go on that world tour I've always dreamed of (talk about jet lag)
  • Go on a cruise (it will have to be just a three-day cruise)
  • See that old boyfriend one last time (probably not going to happen since I'm not even sure where he lives now)
  • Finish all my projects at work (well, I suppose if the world is going to end I should probably just quit tomorrow anyway)
  • See the kids happily on their own, married with families (this is probably not going to happen in the next six days)
  • Get the newest iPhone (unless my current one can take me through until next week)
  • So, so much more
It looks like Annalisse will only be able to enjoy two out of the three productions of her play next weekend since the third performance is at 7:30pm, 1 1/2 hours after the world ends.

Seriously, if the world is going to end next Saturday by what some are saying will be a cataclysmic earthquake, why can't the church people predict all the other devastating earthquakes that have happened in the last several years? And all the deadly tornadoes the midwest and south have had to endure this spring. Sure, there has been an inordinate amount of rain and flooding, but surely nothing of biblical proportions.

I guess the main point of this story is:

I think End of Days hype is stupid
Let's live every day like it's our last, anyway

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

For the first time in three years we were home for Mother's Day this year (the last two years we've been in the cold an rain at the Saratoga Regatta). It was wonderful! The weekend could not have been more beautiful, and there were lots things going on, starting with Friday night and Annalisse's second-to-last Downstage show for the year. The kids continue to amaze me with their talent! It's been amazing experience for her this year!!

Then, on Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed over to the market for our long awaited sticky buns - AWESOME, and worth the long winter's wait. Of course, they are made even better by being fried in wonder my spare tire is inflating more and more...

Later in the morning, Annalisse and Nic headed out to get pedicures in preparation for Annalisse's 10th grade dance that evening, and Cam and I headed out for to do some errands (a great chance for him to practice driving), then we came home, we had lunch, and by then it was almost time to get Annalisse to her hair appointment. Let's just say it was an expensive day for our high maintenance daughter. The results were definitely worth the wait as the "finished product" looked absolutely adorable. How grown up she looked!

Three of her friends came over for some pre-dance noshing and picture taking, then it was off to the dance. Rumor has it that a good time was had by all and this year's dance, unlike last year's dance, was not cancelled within one hour because of "grinding." After the dance, the kids went to a friends house for about an hour until Mark and I had to drag our butts off the couch(es) to bring them home. Exhaustion all around.

We got up early on Sunday for church, then headed home for a bacon/pancake breakfast, which was awesome. Cam slept at a friends and got home around 10am so we had a really nice family breakfast actually sitting around the table in the dining room. I know! Hard to believe. After breakfast, I took Jasper swimming then gave him a bath (it will take him two or three days to dry out), and we did yard work before picking Grandma Pat up for a trip to Pudgies in Canandaigua for pizza.

What a great weekend it was, made better by the wonderful warm and sunny weather. On this Mother's Day I feel very blessed and content, and refreshed and ready, I suppose, to start another week at work (...and counting the days until retirement...).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A True Sign of Spring

Never mind that I broke out my winter coat and gloves to walk the dog this evening...

There is a sure sign of spring on the horizon: the Fairport Farmer's Market starts up again this weekend!! A nice morning walk with the pup! Sticky buns! Flowers for the yard and herbs for the garden! Although it's tempting to say "we made it" (through the long, dark winter) it still feels like we've a ways to go with unrelenting rain, gray skies and chilling cold.

We have to take all the signs of spring that we can sanity depends on it!!