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Leap, Baby, Leap!

Isn't it so cool that today is February 29, leap year day?! I think it would be wickedly fun to have a birthday or something like a wedding anniversary on this date (which, apparently - according to Facebook - one of my coworkers does...).

This is actually my third Leap Year post since the inception of the Fabulous B@ker Blog. You can read the first entry here, and the second entry here.

I work with some negative naysayers, and when I mentioned how fun it would be to have a leap year birthday, one of them launched into a tirade about how that would not be a good idea (computer systems get confused, when do you celebrate in the "off" years, etc.). Still, I think it would be awesome. Another young lady I work with is about ready to give birth to her third son, so I instructed her today would be an ideal day for Bryce to make his entrance into the world...alas, Bryce seems to have other ideas (but the day's not over yet!!).

So, I hope you were able to make the most of …

Winter Makes Me Cranky

Perhaps you have noticed that I have not been posting much. It's mostly because this cold, dark, rainy, snowy February has been the longest shortest month. When I get home from work, all I want to do is to get into my fluffy clothes, eat dinner, take pup for a quick walk after dinner, and head upstairs to my "cave" to read, watch TV or some online show, and head to bed around 8:30 - 9pm if I really push it. I'm certainly not getting the most out of my days (which also makes me cranky), and it seems I'm just biding my time, waiting for the next season to arrive. So, all of this makes me very cranky.

In addition to winter in general, other things that are making me cranky these days:

Owing income taxesMom's house is still not soldMy waistline is expanding and I have not exercised, per my New Year's resolution. Things that make me moderately cranky:
Cam got an "I" (incomplete) grade in the fall term that he as not yet resolved. Grrrr... GET.IT.DONE.Ca…