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Weekend Update

Another weekend come and gone. And what a weekend it was, weather wise. it's a real gift as we drift into the fall. The good news is we've entered the sign of Libra and, unfortunately we've also officially entered the fall season.

 Annalisse continues to enjoy her job at Otto Tomottos, and they enjoy her. She worked Friday night, but took Saturday night off to go to the Harvest Dance with her girlfriends. We took a quick trip to the outlet mall on Saturday morning in a last ditch effort to find a dress as she had searched at the mall last week with no success (panic is rising!). We found a really cute black number that was reasonably priced (it's all relative...) and looked super sweet on her. On Friday night while she was working Mark and I went to Label 7 for our official 24th anniversary celebration. They have great food there, and a nice atmosphere - I would highly recommend it.

On Sunday Mark and I were helping out at Fairport Crew Club's Liftbridge Regatta, s…

You know things are really busy when...

...there's a lot to blog about but no time.

Here are just couple of quick updates from "the road" - I'm on my North Country grad fair tour and enjoying a light day as I head to Utica later today for tomorrow's fair. Since last Thursday I've driven over 1,000 miles with more to go until I reach home on Thursday. Let's just say I don't think I could drive for a living.

Girls Weekend, 2011: Last Thursday around noon I headed down to Gettysburg for my girls weekend with Sue, Lorie, Gina and Heather. Sue and I decided to meet on Thursday night since it's such a long trip, and the other girls decided to do that, too. It made for a great Friday since, after a good night's sleep, we could start seeing all the historic sites right away.

I arrived at the historic Cashtown Inn around 6pm, checked in, and went into the quaint tavern for a glass of wine before Sue arrived. I must say, I felt myself melt away into relaxation with the low lights, beautiful sett…

The News from Southwest Rochester

I'm sure you're all wondering how Cam is doing at RIT...probably losing sleep wondering! Wondering! Wondering! Wondering!
As far as I can tell, he's doing well so far. I've seen him twice: once when he wanted to come home to pick up some gaming stuff (and sign his athletic paperwork for crew), and last Sunday when we picked him and his roommate, Michael, up for dinner at Zebb's. Both boys are VERY quiet, so it's a little tough to get information without dragging it out of them. Truly, I couldn't tell you how his schoolwork is going because every answer, when asked, is "good" (although I don't believe he's actually gotten any grades back yet), but his social life seems to be on track.
In addition to his plan to join crew (the interest meetings are this Thursday and Friday), he informed me last night (at 10pm) that he joined the debate team and will be traveling to Binghamton this weekend for his first debate (I wonder how the floodwaters ar…

Where were you when the world changed?

September 11, 2011
Today marks the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on NYC and Washington. It's a solemn day of reflection and remembrance for all of us, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who could not tell you where they were when the world changed.
It was an incredibily beautiful, blue-sky day, and I was taking our cat Prudence, who was in the throws of treatment for feline diabetes, back home from a trip to the vet for a check up. As with most mornings, I was listening to WHAM1180, Rochester's most- listened-to AM station, when the coverage began. Listening closely, I tried to piece together what was going on. By the time I reached work, my coworkers were huddled around the computer and we were all in shock, trying to make sense of the events as they unfolded.
The 10 years following the attacks have been so bad for many aspects of American life: lives lost to war, a plunging economy, high levels of joblessness, increased (and many times, in my opinion, absu…

The Would-Be Runner

I would love to be a runner. I've tried to become a runner several times in my life, and most recently through the "Couch to 5K" training program, which has an app that I recently downloaded onto my iPhone. I learned about the program from my friend Kristen who a started it a year ago and is now running marathons (my idol!).
Why running? A couple of reasons:People describe the joy in running and how they really get into their own heads while doing itIt's obviously great exerciseWhat a great sense of accomplishment when you finish a marathon!It can benefit the runner (weight loss) and her overweight (or super fluffy looking) dog Last week, after buying new sneakers for the first time in 10 years, plus an arm holder for my iPhone, I resolved to start the program. The first two sessions went pretty well. I was EXTREMELY SORE after the first night, and was ready again for the second session a couple days later, but had not had a chance to go again until tonight.
So, out I…

Fly, Little Bird, Fly

Our first little bird has flown the nest for his new life at RIT. Wednesday was a great and busy day of moving Cam into his little little room and, ironically, not getting a chance to say formally "goodbye."
Since Cam's scheduled move in time wasn't until 3pm, we arrived on campus around 11:30 and had lunch at RIT's Global Village, which features a beautiful courtyard, some great ethnic food, and a couple of cute international stores. After lunch we made our way up the "quarter mile" (which is actually 1/3 mile), a brick walkway that cuts through the center of campus, which took a little while to get down since we kept running into people we knew. We spent some time checking-in and visiting the services tables at the field house, then got back into the car and drove over to his dorm's unloading zone.
Finally, the big moment was here! We unloaded the car and made a couple of trips up to his room. Within a 45 minutes we had unpacked his stuff and made h…