New Job News

Remember last year when I wrote about Mark's company being bought out, and the uncertainty we were facing with his job? Well, flash forward a year to October 2012, and yesterday he was offered a consulting job with KBACE Technologies out of New Hampshire.

It's a great opportunity, and a great relief for him to be able to move on. Even though he has managed to avoid layoff, he's been faced with a poor working morale situation, and has been woefully underutilized, not really working on anything of import or substantial for many months now. It's been a mystery why he has not been laid off since he hasn't had a lot to contribute as they transition from one technology system to another. Anyway, the time is right and he'll hopefully "sign on the dotted line" today or tomorrow.

One draw back: there may be extensive travel involved. Much like when he was a consultant for Oracle, he will be traveling to client sites to assist with implementation of their financial systems, so that may take him away from Rochester at least four days a week. The good news is that Paychex, here in town, is a major client so he may end up there. We'll see.

In the meantime, a big sigh of relief an excitement for him a he moves onto his next career adventure.


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