Heading to the Heartland

Tomorrow I leave the Roch for a couple of days for my association's October board meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.

Of all the places I've been (especially lately), I've never been to the "heartland" of America. Probably the closest I've come to the middle of the country is Chicago, but I wouldn't exactly call Chicago "the midwest." So, I'm sort of excited to see what KC is like. (By the way: it's just confusing enough that Kansas City is in Missouri, but the meeting is actually in Olathe, Kansas, which is apparently in the Kansas City, MO metro area.)

The timing isn't great as October is turning out to be another intensely busy month for us. Just about every weekend is spoken for already, and next week we have things planned just about every night. All this is complicated by the fact that Annalisse has tons of AP Bio homework, and with the challenges (stuggles, really) she's been having with that class she really needs to focus a lot of attention on it every night. Just another time juggling act...there never seems to be enough time.

Just the same, I'm looking forward to my adventure tomorrow. My NAGAP colleagues are a fun and innovative bunch, and I always come away from my time with them, though tired, inspired!


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