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Let's Get This Party Started!

Welcome to the sign of Libra!! Today marks our month long celebration. Libras, arise!! To usher in our special time, there was an amazing harvest moon in the sky this morning. Now, if I could only figure out a way to celebrate my birthday without actually getting older...

One Wild Week

Last spring, Mark and I attended a German trip fundraiser that Cam was involved in. One of the Fairport High School acts that performed that night was the high school comedy improv troupe, Downstage. The kids were just hilarious and very entertaining , and at the time I thought, "Wow, Annalisse would really love this!" So, when auditions for Downstate were taking place this week, she hemmed and hawed and tried to decide if she wanted to try out. Of course, everyone she asked said she should because of her quick wit and funny sense of humor.
The Downstage troupe is composed of 10 kids, and this year there were three slots available. On Monday, she and many kids went through the first round of auditions, and afterwards she was so excited about the prospect of joining the group. On the second day of auditions, although she wasn't required to, she auditioned again so she could, in her words, "make sure she got noticed." Then, Tuesday night, we waited and checked th…

Many Updates, Little Time

Boy, that was a long stretch since my last post! The blog drought was not for lack of news, but for lack of time. There's been a lot going on in preparation for the kids' return to school. Just between you and me (and all the Internet universe), I think I'm one of the only people who, in a way, dreads the start of school because of the busyness, rushing and academic pressure involved.
On Wednesday, September 8, at 5:30am, we were off an running. After a summer of staying up late (and getting up really late), the kids were surely suffering by Thursday afternoon when they both fell asleep after school. When I got home from work on Friday it was the same scenario, and out of pity I let them sleep until 5:30pm. Let's hope they start to re-balance the sleep/school time as we enter the second week.
Before the "magic" day, though, there was school supply shopping and our neighbor's annual backyard movie night featuring old reels from the 30's, 40's and 5…