Monday, September 26, 2016

Hitting the Reset Button

Our 23 year old has moved back home. Alas, we did not make him move into the basement (you know that old adage about adult children moving back in their parent's basements?). No really, it's okay! He's home and ready to push the "reset" button on his young career. We went down to Gaithersburg on Saturday, loaded up ~ again ~ and headed back home this morning. I'm mostly relieved he's back home (including the mouse incident in his apartment on Saturday night) -  I'm not a big city person and it's always a little stressful being near DC with the crazy traffic and a gazillion people around. He's super excited to see his friends again, begin coaching at Rochester Boat Club (and just participating in crew in general), and hopefully settling into the new job at UR.  We managed to absorb all his stuff back into the house, but are keeping must of it together as we expect he will be out again within a couple of months or so, once he finds out how the UR job is going.

He's home just in time for a very busy October. This weekend Annalisse wanted to come home because otherwise she would not have been home until the weekend of October 21 when are celebrating her birthday with a wine tour (Shhhhhh! Don't tell her! It's a surprise [and no, she doesn't read the blog]). So we will have a nice dinner out Saturday night to celebrate Nic's birthday (October 4) and Annalisse's birthday (October 5). Also coming up: Fairport's Oktoberfest this weekend, Girl's weekend next weekend, Annalisse goes to Boston the weekend of October 15 for the FNCE conference, and the weekend after that is her birthday wine tour. Sprinkled in there is also my birthday and Mark's birthday. Those Bakers love October!

I'm really really in denial that fall is here. It continues to be pretty warm most of the time, and I just can't bring myself to decorate the porch (and change the garden flag) with the fall wreath or buy fall-y mums. I just can't! Because you know what comes after fall - and it's just been a banner year for weather, although some might think it's been wayyyyy too hot... ;)

So, life marches on. What a year this has been. Highs and lows, and everything in between!

Friday, September 9, 2016

ROC Bound

Here is an update in the continuing saga of "Cam's Career and Quality of Life" journey:

He found out on Tuesday that he got the Bioinformatician job at UR. In his understated way, he was very excited. I think we can chalk the last couple of month up to a life lesson, one of which he learned plenty about himself, what he wants to do, where he wants to live, and the importance of having a network, especially of friends. The shaky part of the scenario is that the position is a temp one through the middle of December, with a potential for permanent hiring based on funding. We're just going to take it one day at a time. If nothing else, it buys him a little time to look for a job that better suits him. He is also liking the course he is taking, and plans to continue to gain skills in that area. 

When he got back to his apartment on Tuesday, he spoke with the office to made arrangements to break his lease, which will require two months rent payment. While a lot of cash outlay, it's so much better than subletting until next August 1. He'll basically come back having broken even (or a little more than even) financially from this adventure. Also, immediately upon making plans to return he got in touch with the coach for the Rochester Boat Club letting her know about his return, and she invited him to coach crew. So, he's very excited about that as well. Other earning potential includes teaching science and lab courses at the area community colleges, since he has lab experience from teaching two classes at RIT.

He will move back home in the short term, but he knows it's not an indefinite proposition. Once he gets on his feet with a solid job, off he will go, probably living somewhere fun with a couple of his buddies.

We are relieved, and looking forward to his return, and to him being happier. I thought all the worrying would end when he was launched into a career - another good reminder for me: it never ends!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Baker's New Ride

The Baker's new ride
Today, we finally got a new car to replace the black Honda Accord that we gave to Cam when he moved to Maryland (which we officially signed over to him yesterday - going to the DMV is not my favorite thing to do). Today we signed on the dotted line for a 2016 Prius. I'm really looking forward to zipping along in this cute little car, which we pick up on Wednesday. It will be great to have two cars again, as having one has been an inconvenience, but not too, too bad.

Both kids are home for the long Labor Day weekend. Cam came home Thursday evening, and we picked Annalisse up on Friday afternoon. Cam had his interview at UR at 3pm on Friday, and will know if he gets the job by Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm pretty nervous about it, mostly for him because I know he wants it so badly and he will be very disappointed if he doesn't get it. Right after the interview, around 5pm he came into the house, changed his clothes, and was off to with his buddies to camp in Pennsylvania for the weekend. Apparently, one of his roommates competes in speedboat racing and "the boys" went to cheer him on "somewhere in Pennsylvania." I know he misses his friends, all a great bunch of guys, a lot.

Other than that, we are enjoying the long weekend. The fall is going to be a real rat race for me, as I am down a staff member right now and will be having to do more regional travel to Colleges for work. Road warrior mode, for sure! Still, there are a ton of fun things planned this fall, including in October alone, Girl's Weekend, celebrating Annalisse's 21st birthday, Annalisse traveling to Boston for her first professional conference, and parent's weekend at SU. Never a dull moment!