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Turkey Time

I CANNOT EAT ANOTHER THING. I haven't been hungry for three days. That totally seems like a 1st world problem, but seriously. It looks like I'm going to be that person who joins a gym after the new year. This holiday eating is already out of control.

Which is among other things to chat about. The house is quiet again and the kids are back at school after Annalisse being home all week and Cam coming home on Wednesday. It's wonderful to have them home, but the time goes too fast. I took the week off with no real plans, although the days seemed to fill up very quickly and on Wednesday we were out all day on a day trip to Ithaca - to have lunch at the famous Moosewood Restaurant, which was awesome for Annalisse as it features vegan/GF fare.  There was plenty of sitting by the fire and binge watching different shows, and not enough book reading, for sure! The week was capped off by an always fun (and delicious) Harvest Dinner at Mary and Larry's. They are great hosts and a…

Busy + Lazy + Depressing News = No Blog Entries

Hey, Fabulous B@ker Bloggers, so sorry I've been away. I have obviously gotten out of the habit of blogging, at a minimum on Sundays. How can it be that it is almost Thanksgiving? (TURKEY.)

Truthfully, there's not much to tell. The days are "shorter," and  definitely colder, and by the time I get home from work all I want to do is put on my sweatpants and fluffy socks and watch English period dramas on Netflix. (I'm kind of running out...I even had to watch "Jane Eyre," which I really didn't enjoy. I couldn't even finish "Great Expectations.")

Of course, there is stuff going on all around me, most of which is not great: Mark's mom is facing an uncertain medical diagnosis, Paris has been devastated by last week's terror attack, Massena is facing upwards of 500 Alcoa layoffs which will be last nail in the coffin for my little town (not to mention my Mother's house will never sell now), and Montreal is dumping 2 billion gallon…