(Not) Getting Ready For Frankenstorm

First of all. I love this storm's name. Frankenstorm. Huge, scary storm...scheduled to hit around Halloween? Get it? Genius!

Secondly, I wonder if all the meteorologists are getting everyone whipped up for another weather event, expected to hit the East Coast Monday and Tuesday, that may not live up to its hype beyond being a pretty bad storm. Already NYC and Boston schools are closed, businesses (and Broadway!) are closing, and the NYC subway system is shutting down for what's being called "the worst weather event EVER." Even Rochester residents are out in force stocking up on bread, milk, bread, water, etc. (The 'etc.' probably being beer and wine.) If you thought I hated going to Wegmans under regular conditions, you can believe I am not going anywhere near the place on the eve of what is touted as a catastrophic storm.

We are mainly wondering if the Ireland kids will be heading to NYC at 5am on Tuesday (on a bus) as planned. Then, if they get there will they be able to fly out on Friday? We've had such a pleasant visit with Eve we wouldn't mind having her for a couple of extra days, but I would feel bad if the kids did not get to experience New York as they had hoped since it was probably one of the major reasons that drew them to the exchange.  Even if they do get to New York I wondering if they'll be able to enjoy it, and see the sites if torrential rain and wildly blowing winds.

I also wonder what will become of our Halloween this year. I think I will hold off buying candy for one more day until they can predict what Wednesday night will look like because THE LAST THING I NEED IS SIX BAGS OF MY FAVORITE CANDY HANGING AROUND. The people of NYC are worried about flooding and winds, and I'm worried about the temptation to eat an entire bag of fun-sized Whoppers. We all have our problems.


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