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A. Ham

A little over a year after receiving Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton bio for Christmas (2016), last night I finally finished it. There are several reasons for the delay in getting to the end (hey, it's the journey, not the destination, right?), among them:It's not a light read, nor it it particularly dense. I would say it's very readable for a historical biography.It's very long. I read it on my iPad (I had to purchase the iBooks version when I found the book print too small to read without a lot of light - it sucks to get old). In the iPad version, there was 1,600 pages of text, plus 400 additional pages of acknowledgments, pictures/documents, and references. At first, I would read the book in small bites, fitting it in among 15 or so other books I read this past year. The monthly bookclub book was always there beckoning me, taking priority. I won't even mention all the Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and other shows that kept tempting me (and winning...). Also, …

Annie B Eats!

Just a quick plug for our favorite RD2B - Annie B! She is making her way in the pre registered dietician world by sharing her fave food preps and demos on her YouTube channel.

I've had the pleasure (or the pain) of being her camera man (woman) and director for several of her demos. They are fun! Next stop, Good Morning America?

Enjoy, and keep checking back!!


OMG am I cranky! So cranky and lazy that I have not managed a post since Christmas. The winter blues are in full force, and this winter has been very brutal so far; freezing temps, tons of snow, and cloudy, dark days. In fact, we have not even had our Greco Christmas yet as it has been postponed twice because of hazardous weather conditions. I really could use some sun and surf right about now. Seriously!

But, the new year is marching on. Cam is busy learning his new job, and on Monday Annalisse started her new rotation at St. Peter's Health Partners in Albany. She will be there for 10 weeks, then starting (I think) her community rotation. It's going fast, and I am wishing it away a little because I really want spring! It's hard to believe she will be done with "school" for good soon. Well, mostly. She still needs to finish her online master's degree, but I think she'll definitely need a break from academics (with the exception of studying for the RD exam…