The Last Dance

Another milestone alert: last night was the last high school dance for the Bakers. Since Cam did not really do any of that formal dance stuff, we had to get the best bang for our buck out of the second child, and she definitely delivered. It's been four years of fancy dresses, updos and makeup, and walking the dog last night came the realization that "it's over." Here's a retrospective of the "worn only once" dress club:

Fall Dance 2011 (Weekend Update)
10th Grade Dance (Mother's Day Recap)
Fall Dance 2012 (It's Hip to be (a) Square (Root))

Cheeky Monkeys
Annalisse and her date and great friend, Blake, looked so cute together and were happy to be hanging out for the night. After pictures at our house, we met the kids at a GINORMOUS (and a little bit tacky, truth be told) house outside of Fairport for group pictures. This year certainly featured a lot of sparkly dresses, and some racy ones as well. Annalisse's dress was pretty conservative, but just right for her.

The original plan was to go to the dance then over to a friends for a sleep over. When she got home at 11 "to wash her face and change," I knew she had decided not to go back out. This is one kid who is most certainly not a night owl, and if she doesn't get enough sleep we all pay dearly the next day. So, I was happy both kids were both securely situated by 11 so we could all get  a good night's sleep.

Blake and His Date
It's a rainbow


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