Friday, May 29, 2009

The Blasted Sounds of Summer

Ahhhh, Summer. That time of year when you can sleep with the windows open and feel the warm breeze upon your face...



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Travel Burn Out

I've just about had it with packing my bags and riding in a car for a long time. Our six weeks of non-stop travel ended yesterday when we returned home from Gloucester, Mass. after a whirlwind trip to pick Mom's car up from Aunt Martha. Don't get me wrong, Gloucester was AWESOME; the trouble is the trip itself wasn't long enough. Sunday was a really fun day crammed with things to do and see, and great things to eat, sandwiched between two long travel days.

The trip started with a stop at the Syracuse regatta "on the way" - which meant a 4:45am wake up time to get to the race by 7am. After the regatta and lunch with my friend, Clare, we hit the road around 2pm and got into Gloucester around 8pm. We were lucky to bring Cam's girlfriend (I think I can officially say that now) Bonnie along. I can only imagine the insolence we would have had to endure if he were forced to be away from her for the weekend.

We stayed at a nice motor inn right on the ocean (majestic as ever), and after settling in to our room we headed into town for dinner. I have finally, at age 45, had a whole lobster - I guess I can check that one off my list of "things to do." I think I'll stick with the tails that someone has cleanned and shelled for me.

On Saturday morning I couldn't wait to get going, and got up and showered at 6am while the rest of the family slept. I had the brilliant idea of heading over the rocks to get closer to the ocean, but ended up slipping and fell flat on my back on the slimy stuff that's left behind from high tide. As if slipping and falling wasn't enough, my iPhone rocketed out of my pocket and went right into a stinky tidal pool. I hustled as fast as a could (and slipped some more) before quickly grabbing it out - as panic set in. I was so upset! I went back to the room and dried it off and hoped for the best. At first it was acting really wacky, but as the day went on and it dried out and seemed to be back to normal. Whew! Another bullet dodged!

Among the fun things we did on Sunday:
  • an early trip to Rockport for some shopping
  • lunch with Martha at Salem Brew Works
  • a tour of Hammond Castle in Gloucester (of course, we had to ask if it's haunted)
  • Dinner at Martha's, complete with a walk to the beach down the street
After dinner, it was back to the motel to get ready for our early departure. Boy, was that a tough trip home with Mark and I each driving a car. I would have given anything for a nap during the drive!

Long story short: we're all done traveling for a while (HURRAY!). I've put the suitcases in the attic and the unpacked all the toiletries. Now, it's time to hang around Fairport on the weekends and weed the flower beds (or take a nap!).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hurray for Friday, Part I!

Finally, it's Thursday and we're easing into a long weekend. Yesterday Mark and I were off for his every-5-year colonoscopy, during which they removed three small polyps. Those results were the same as his exam five years ago, and he's one of those people who doctors keep an eye on since his dad had colon cancer. As a result, the doctor recommended our kids start having them in their 30s! We'll wait a while to tell them that great bit of news!! BUTT enough about colons...

Tomorrow the kids and I are off to get the long holiday weekend started a little early. We don't have much planned, except packing for YET ANOTHER weekend out of town. It all starts on Saturday morning with an early morning trip to Syracuse for a crew regatta (we have to be there by 7am - and you know what that means!), after which we're going to hit the road for a quick trip to Gloucester, Mass. to pick up Mom's car from Aunt Martha, who's been using it for the last year. We're making it into another mini-vacation as we'll try to visit a couple of fun spots while we're in the area on Sunday (Rockport, Gloucester, Salem) before heading back early on Monday. Then, that should be it for travel for a while, although it doesn't mean our weekends are free. The month of June is basically filled, but all the activities are closer to home, so MAYBE I'LL GET MY NAP IN!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lena Celebrates!

Happy birthday this week to our beloved sister, Lena - 39 and holding! We had Lena, her husband Ken, sister Nara and her husband Jim over for a three-fold celebration last night. Lena's had a great spring, as she and Ken just bought their first house (in the Village of Fairport) and will be moving in at the end of June. So, cheers all around for:
  • Lena's birthday
  • Lena's new position at MCC, and
  • Annalisse's confirmation today
I made a homemade carrot cake (which came out really great - moist and sweet) and I got baklava for Annalisse for her part of the celebration. Congrats to both!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

State Rowing Championship: Saratoga Regatta

We had our first "real" regatta in Saratoga this weekend. On Friday afternoon, Mark and I took our places as chaperones on the boys bus, and all spent a rousing 3 1/2 hours watching Hot Rod, Rambo and Miracle (all movies that are the OPPOSITE of chick flicks). I spent those hours trying to get to my "happy place" via my iPod. It sort of worked, except it was VERY noisy.

Once we arrived at the hotel, it was around 9:30pm, and the kids still needed a briefing about the morning's activities. The coxswains were scheduled to leave for the regatta at 5:30am, and we were to be in the lobby by 6:15 for a 6:30 departure. The day's weather turned out great, sunny and warm, as the kids embarked on their first official rowing adventure. Annalisse went first as she served as coxswain for the novice girls "C" boat (meaning: the least experienced). Her first race didn't go so well, as her boat zigged and zagged it's way to last place out of six boats. BUT, we found out later that she came 16 out of 26 overall, which was not too bad for her first time out, having only been in on-water training for four days before the race.
Cam went next in the novice boys "C" boat. Their boat was met with a couple of real challenges as they had to replace one of the rowers at the last minute, causing the coach to totally reconfigure the boat. With those changes, they came in 5th out of 6 boats, which Coach Wild was very pleased with given the circumstances.

Beyond the races, the time was spent walking around, chatting with other parents, EATING, and helping with food prep or any other job that needed to be done. Sunday started with a 6am departure from the hotel but, because of high winds the race ended early (around 3pm), and we headed home. After a quick dinner at McCardles, we walked through the door to be greeted by our very excited pup at 9pm.

We have the coming weekend "off," then we head to Syracuse for a regatta on Memorial Day, after which we'll be driving to Gloucester, Mass. for the rest of the weekend. Might as well keep the suitcases out!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Renovation Pix

Here are some pictures of our completed paint job in the front hallway, living room, and dining room. I'll save the bathroom for later because, while the paint job is done, we still need to get mirrors, new fixtures, new lights and shutters. That will definitely be worth the wait. In the main rooms we still have a bit of work to do as we decide on window treatments for the main windows. The rug will drive a lot of what we choose in terms of decorating colors, furniture and picture placements, so that will come a little later on. Based on that what still needs to be done and the timeline for the rug arrival (probably early- to mid-fall), I'm estimating we should be done with all this around CHRISTMAS.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not a Morning Person After All?

One of the things I claim is that I'm a morning person and totally useless after 8:30pm. With all the occasions for early rising lately (kid's trips, our NYC trip, and yesterday's crew regatta when we had to be in Buffalo by 7am), I'm not so sure. Getting up at 4:15am is really doing a number on me. Now, instead of not being able to function past 8:30pm, I'm ready for the sack by 7:30pm: eyes glazed over, unable to get out of the chair, all that good stuff. It seems to be all catching up with me. I'm now more able to sympathize with those early morning DJs and talk show hosts who basically have no life in the evenings!

The reason for yesterday's early rise, the crew regatta in Buffalo, was really interesting - a little like a tent city where all parties descended in the morning, set up a full kitchen for the day, and cleared out quickly when the event was done. Since both of the kids had just joined crew, they weren't quite up to speed to participate, but we expect (hope?) they'll see some action at THIS WEEKEND's regatta in Saratoga (a.k.a. "States"). Mark and I have volunteered to ride with the kids on the buses there and back, so that will be relaxing (and a good opportunity to catch up on my reading).

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Surest Sign of Spring

Hurray! The Fairport Farmer's Market opens for the season today! That means:
  • sticky buns

  • cinnamon rolls

  • cheap fruits and vegtables

  • beautiful flowers

  • seeing friends just out of hibernation after the long winter
I'm up at 6:01am, just raring to go!