Thursday, October 21, 2010


It is with much reluctance that I realized that Christmas is just about two months away. I spend most of my year trying to slow time down so it's not that time again: the decorations, the $$, the stress...ack!

I probably thought of that tonight because these last two weeks of October will be extraordinarily busy for me, passing in a blur, I'm sure. This week I've been on the road a lot for day trips to area colleges for work, and this weekend I'm heading to Chicago for my national association's meeting. Then, it's back to work for two days before heading back across the country to Portland, Oregon for a grad fair reception for my association. That's one day out, one in between, and one day back - a long trip through three time zones for just a day in Portland. Although, I am looking forward to my first trip there. Mark's cousin, Kara, has lived there for years so she'll be showing me the sights before I have to check into my fair/reception.

Just think: this year I've experienced two of the main Portlands in the US for the first time! According to Google, I still need to check out Portland, TX and Portland, NY. The day after I return home from Portland, we head three hours east to Saratoga for the Head of the Fish regatta. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be nice weather...)

Wait, wasn't this blog about realizing there's only two month left until Christmas? I suppose my thought here is probably to reflect on how fast this year has gone, and for good reason. It's been DARN BUSY. I guess there will be time enough to sit around when we're old and gray (which I could be now if I didn't color my hair every six weeks).

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Step on the Road to College

Today Cam submitted his application to RIT for early decision (deadline: December 1). If accepted, "early decision" means he will withdraw apps to all other colleges and commit to going to RIT. That should not be a problem since


Yup. That's right. This an all-or-nothing proposition, which makes me extremely nervous because he's a B+ student and didn't fare so well on his first round of SATs (he retook them a couple of weeks ago and we don't have the results back yet, but I'm not too optimistic that he "hit it out of the ballpark" based on his previous interest and engagement with the SAT). So, now we wait - and keep our fingers crossed. His major of interest is Bioinfomatics, which I think he chose because it's a combination of biology and computer science, two of his favorite subjects. But, lest we give up all hope that it's RIT or a life spent working in retail, he has hinted that he will consider applying to other colleges should the unthinkable happen. I think, though, in his mind, RIT is basically a sure thing, which is not too surprising from a 17 year old's perspective, I guess.

So we wait. And we hope. And come late December/early January, hopefully, WE CELEBRATE!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Hip to Be Square

Happy (GUESS THE NUMBER) Birthday to my "old" man, Mark today. Remember when I was a "prime" number this year? Well, Mark's a square root. Let's just say next year's birthday will probably result in a big part of some kind!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet Amelie!

This past weekend we travelled down to Arlington, VA for Amelie's baptism. How sweet and smiley she is! Annalisse and Mema/Popo served as Amelie's sponsors, so it was really special. It was a fairly quick trip as we didn't get on the road until around 1pm on Saturday, after Cam took his final SAT (he's taken it twice, now, this is it - make or break time), and finally got settled in our hotel around 10pm. Who knew therewere three Hampton Inns in Alexandria?! We found ours on the third try - and it was a little tense by then as Mark was getting really cranky over the whole situation. Anyway, we got settled, got a good night's sleep, and headed out early to drive to McLean/Herndon for the baptism, which was performed at our old Pastor's new church.

After the baptism, we made our way back up route 7 for a little lunch at Dave and Mandy's, then took a trip to a German market on the Columbia Pike. Cam is on a mission to try to find Spezi, a soda from Germany that he enjoyed during his trip there. They didn't have Spezi, but they did have Mezzomix, which is apparently just as good. He picked up a case to sell for his soda selling business at school. Of course, being an import, he'll have to mark up the price to make a profit.

After the German market, we headed back to Dave and Mandy's and hung around for a while (and spend time with Jackson, who's getting so big!) before heading out to a Turkish restaurant for dinner. Once again, Cam is in search of another delicacy from Germany, doner, which is a common Turkish street food. We found it at Cafe Divan, and, since I was sitting next to him, I could hear an audible "mmmmm" when he was eating it. We were so happy to be joined by our dear friend Ken, who is my best gal Sue's husband, as he's working in DC for a couple of months. It was almost like being with Sue. Almost.

We headed back home early on Monday morning so we could get back in time to pick up Jasper at the kennel by 6pm. During his time at the "pet hotel," we had also paid for two days of Doggy Day Camp and a grooming. Well, did he ever get groomed. I'm not sure the groomer understood what I meant by "just trim his feathers a bit." He looks super cute and soft, but a little like a golden-yellow-lab mix. With all that hair gone you can also see his "plus
sized" qualities.

All in all, a great trip and a nice time with the family. It will be nice to have an excuse to visit the DC area now that more family is living there - it's an awesome (and awe inspiring) place!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today Annalisse celebrates her 15th birthday. Where did the time go? I'm already sad thinking that two years from now I'll have a sophomore in college and a senior in high school. The cruel, cruel trick of time.

I'm sure she'll make the best of it at school today, and we'll probably go out for a quick bite after work and before crew. She had her "big" celebration out for dinner with her girlfriends at the Bonefish Grill on Sunday night, which was followed by a family cake-n-ice cream celebration at the house.

In true Libra fashion, she's making the most of her special day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

One of the Great Mysteries of Our Time

There is a mystery that continues to confound me well into my '40s: Orphan Sock Syndrome.

I have a pile of socks on my dresser that for months (years?) has not had a mate. Where the heck do they go? Is there a moment in time when a (non-laundry-doing) member of the family finally discards a hole-y sock, but does not notify me or its mate, sending the left or right footed sock into wearer limbo? Or, worse yet, is there a pair of socks rolled together in one of our drawers whose mate(s) have been left to search for it's match atop my dresser for all eternity? That seems a little clandestine on the part of the happily-matched-other-orphan socks.

Every week the orphan socks come together with the mated socks in the wild, wonderful "basket of clean whites," and every week they end up in their pile back on my dresser. Oh, every once in a while there will be a long awaited match, but more often than not the old standbys are welcoming new members to their lonely club.

This bothers me so much I'm thinking I should do a PSA.