Monday, May 24, 2010

A Farewell to LOST

Last night Cam and I stayed up until 11:30pm (on a school night!) to watch the long awaited series finale of LOST. We've watched LOST from the beginning, through the twists and turns, crazy story lines, improbable and unbelievable plots, and a couple of seasons of "what the...?", which I'm sure contributed to its cult following, with viewers dropping off along the way because it was just getting too weird. I, for one, is glad I stuck with it, no doubt due to a little peer pressure from co-workers and friends that helped keep me engaged. But, through it all LOST has stayed loyal to one very important element of any story: the depiction of richly drawn characters that the viewer cared about and felt connected to and invested in.

The finale was particularly touching as many of the characters lost along the way (no pun intended) were joined together through fatefully orchestrated meetings. I'm still trying to understand what the finale meant, and I think my understanding of "what happened" is in the ballpark of what the creators intended. Some people would say if you have to put that much work into understanding something (as mundane as a TV show), then it's not worth it. LOSTies would say, "it's worth it, and then some."

Maybe the main reason I'll miss LOST really has nothing to do with LOST. Will miss sitting with Cam every Tuesday night, just the two of us, watching the show and discussing possible plot theories over the next week until we once again sit down for another episode. It was special Mom/Cam time, bonding over the complicated and many times confusing story lines that characterized the show - a rare chance to spend some quality time together. Thank God True Blood, another favorite of ours, on HBO starts again soon. That being said, I don't think there will ever be another LOST.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Germany comes to Fairport

Last night, around 11:30pm, our German exchange student, Belinda Fischer (with 20 of her friends) landed in Rochester as part of a Fairport exchange program with a high school near Stuttgardt. Belinda's visit has been highly anticipated by everyone, but especially Annalisse, who's been in constant contact with her through Facebook, and by Cameron, who's also been in touch but not as frequently. Over the next two weeks Belinda will go to school with Cam some of the time, and take various Central and Western NY field trips the other days. She will be with us for the next two weekends, and a lot of the weekend time will be spent at regattas. Luckily, there are five or six crew families hosting German students, so the kids can all hang together.

Here's what we know about Belinda so far:
  • Her mom is American, and is from Fairfax County, VA. They visit the states every summer for a month (it used to be twice yearly, but these days flying is too expensive). So, she definitely has had an introduction to American culture, and speaks really great English.
  • Her favorite food is Italian (so I'll be making my famous sauce-n-balls dinner).
  • She LOVES Scrubs (the TV show).
  • She has a Golden Retriever named Sunny.
  • She has a younger sister who is Annalisse's age.

After Belinda leaves us on June 2, she and her group will spend another week in the States visiting NYC and Washington, DC. Then, on June 25, Cam will head across the pond to spend two weeks with Belinda and her family, attending school and learning about the area. After his two weeks, his group will travel around Germany and Austria for another week.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coxswain Gold

You're looking at the coxswain for the Girls Varsity Lightweight 4 boat that won first place (GOLD!) for the NYS club championship this weekend at the Saratoga "States" Regatta. Congrats to Annalisse and her team for a job well done! Very happy girls, indeed!!

Another Mother's Day, Come and Gone

Another Mother's Day has come and gone, and, well, it turns out today was just like every other day, the same as all the other Mother's Days so far. It's probably my own fault that today wasn't more special (I suppose I should get my mileage worth), but I'm really not one of those to encourage spending (which I would probably end up paying for anyway) on cards, flowers or gifts. Just give me a good dinner out (as if I need an excuse to eat out), and I'm happy.

I did come across a really good column by Ana Vaciana Suarez, who writes for the Miami Herald but whose columns are sydicated in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, entitled "What I Want for Mom's Day." It's a great piece which pretty much sums up what all mothers want for their children on Mother's Day: a life well lived. Great insight! While my kid's actions me sometimes drive me crazy, most of the time I'm so proud of what they are becoming - Mother's Day reminds me of ho w truly blessed I am!

This Mother's Day was a little worrisome with my mother taking a tumble and breaking her hip last evening during a dinner out with my sister and my niece. After a series of phone calls last night (while we were in Saratoga at the kid's regatta), it was determined that she would most likely have surgery this morning, which is what ended up happening. All went well with the surgery (during which she had two rods put into her hip,), and I'm told they'll try to get her up on her feet tonight. Of course, coming up on 80 years old this is one of those things we know can happen, and the doctor said she did great and is still in great health for 80 (as well as almost having died 20 years ago from a brain aneurysm). Hang in there, Aline, you tough old bird!!

Well, I think I've milked it enough for one day, and I'm topping my special day off with a night watching TV by myself in the back room with my dog. HEAVEN!