The Week that Was

What a news week! Unless you live under a rock, you know there were some pretty important issues in the news this week, all of which I am happy about  - being the bleeding heart liberal that I am!

First up, the removal of the confederate flag from buildings in the South (not just South Carolina). After the tragic murder of nine innocent people at a church prayer service in South Carolina last week, the confederate flag became the focus (and has long been the emblem) of white supremacist hatred, seeing such activity as the inspiration for the shooter. While I would love the warmer weather in the South, I'm not sure I can deal with their attitudes. Take down that flag!

On Thursday, the SCOTUS decision to uphold provisions of the Affordable Care Act (which others call "Obamacare," but I refuse to call it that...I find it a term derogatorily used by the crazy conservatives). Please, people, can we move on? ACA is WORKING! I now realize that before the ACA if Mark and I had to pursue independent insurance we would most likely be 1) turned down, or 2) be made to pay exorbitant fees because of my recent health issues - I would have a "pre-existing condition." I've already been turned down for long-term disability because of it. Too risky I guess. One more shout from the soap box: I have a friend who is self-employed and was upset that she had to choose a new health plan under the ACA. She was paying a paltry amount each month for little to no insurance (a high deductible plan) and when pressed, I tried to explain that should she become ill, the little insurance she had would do her no good. Sure, she's paying more (and truthfully it wasn't an unreasonable amount), but should something catastrophic happen with her health she won't risk "losing everything" with her better coverage.  Lastly, the biggest gripe I hear with the ACA is that "we are paying for all the uninsured" or "younger people are paying for older people." DUH. That's the way insurance works. We all pay wether or not we use it, and just hope it's there for when we need it. Sorry, conservatives, it's still legal and it's working. Get over it.

Then, on FRIDAY. BAM! Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. POW! One of the two prisoners who escaped from Dannemora prison was killed by police (30 miles from my hometown,  in Malone, I might add). The other escapee is still on the run but I would expect it won't be long now. That same day, President Obama  delivered a touching eulogy for the pastor killed in the Charleston church shooting, finishing by leading the congregation with a heartfelt of Amazing Grace.

Such good feelings.


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