Bakers on the move

The next couple of weeks will find a lot of Bakers coming and going and coming and going, starting with a quick trip down to Rockville, MD for Cam's first in-person job interview. The company seems to contract to government agencies, and with his background,  if he got the job, he might end up at a place like the NIH. One step at a time, though. Please send positive vibes!

Our busy week will culminate in Cam's graduation from RIT on Saturday morning (8:30am). I know he's a little stressed trying to finish things up, but the finish line is in sight! After graduation we will go for a nice lunch at Woodcliff, then decide the strategy for moving him home before June 1.

Then, a week from tomorrow we bring Annalisse to Toronto for her flight to Italy for her study abroad (studying the Mediterranean diet for two weeks). Then, two weeks after that we will be in Dublin for a week! YAY! Just about everything is set for our trip except the rental car from Dublin to the Cork area and our accommodations in the south.

Other than that, we are just trying to keep warm after the recent cold snap. Really, Rochester? I know it was a mild winter but the spring does not need to feel like November. Brrrrr!!! The back garden is cleared out and just waiting for the new crop of herbs. Maybe this weekend. With the cold wind and sleet this past weekend I'm sure they would not have made it very well.

I know it's Monday, but try to make it a great one!


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