Prom Mom - Part II

"The dress has been secured and is hanging safely in the closet. I repeat: the dress has been secured..."

Everyone can sleep better tonight; Annalisse found her prom dress. I did some pre-shopping at the mall last night and found two possible dresses that I though she would like, so we went there first thing this morning and she liked both, but liked the second of the two a little better than the first. With some great discounts at Lord &Taylor BUD DA BING! BUD DA BOOM! - we were out of there quickly. We did go to a couple other stores and tried a few dresses on just to be sure, but she came back to the original selection and is very happy with it. It's a little more sophisticated than what I would have preferred, but it's not too bad and it does look cute on her. Having inherited her mother's gift (curse?) of shortness, of course we need to get it altered and it will probably need quite a bit taken off the bottom.

For now the dress is "under wraps." She's determined to make a grand entrance for the prom so is not letting any friends or family see it. Pictures to follow at the end of April. Hey, that's worth checking back for, isn't it?  :)


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