Prom Mom

Things are whipping up in the Baker household as the search for a prom dress is kicking into high gear. Now, I must admit all this girly stuff is a little foreign to me, always having been a bit of a tomboy (and never having attended a prom myself). Let's just say Annalisse likes the bling. I have no idea where she gets it from.

Plans to attend the prom are moving ahead despite the fact that there is no date (boy) in sight. That's okay, though. I'm glad she's planning to go with friends since it is such a rite of passage - says me, the girl who never went to the prom. Sometimes Annalisse is a real foreign creature to me!

So, now she is spending time fretting about the elusive prom dress. They all seem so fancy and overwhelming, both in design (quite bejeweled) and size (miles of material and ruffles on a little 5' teenager). I just can't see her little frame in one of these gargantuan, big bosomed, guady, bright creations!! Not to mention the price.

On Saturday we're picking up Nic and heading out with the intention of securing THE DRESS. I expect it will need alterations so we've got to build in time for that (the prom is April 28). I wonder how much bickering there will be when she and I try to agree on a dress. I'm sure we'll end up with something lovely. Stay tuned...

(No, I do not know the people in the pictures, but aren't the guys great?!)


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