Early Spring Gift

Although not technically spring until Tuesday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM SHIAO), we have been given the gift of very mild, warm weather, sunshine and a thunderstorm or two over the last week. Being consistent with our snow-free winter (which, as you may remember, makes me extremely suspicious that we may pay for it with a crappy, cold, rainy summer), this spring has been amazing and we were blessed with 70 degree temps and sun all weekend.

On a mission.
Fairport came alive! Neighbors were out doing yard work (Mark was definitely on a mission to clear out the beds before the bees get here), we went for lots of walks, we opened the screens to the windows, we broke out the shorts and t-shirts, and got out the porch furniture (more on that in a minute). A really cool thing about today was that we took a walk on the canal path and came across a HUGE snapping turtle. He was crusty with mid and looked like he had just emerged from an underground hiding place, and I have no idea where he was going, although he was headed in the direction of the canal. There was a circle of people around him taking pictures with their phones (Annalisse had actually brought along her fancy camera so she got sone good shots), and luckily everyone had the good sense not to touch him or try to move him (while we were there, anyway). Poor old guy! I hope he had a safe journey wherever he was headed.
Happy Pat's Day, Pat.
Anyway, yesterday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day (Hey! Everybody's Irish on St. Pat's Day!) with our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner. We were joined by Nic and Patrick, as well as our neighbors Morey and Ann (Annalisse has been working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at Ottos - she's not too happy about that and complains about having no social life, which is kinda true). I just LOVE that meal, a taste I have acquired as an adult as we never ate it while I was growing up (what do you expect with a name like "Greco?"). I've found that most people either love it or hate it, there's not a lot in the middle. This year I perfected it and everything was done just right. YUMMY.

As for the porch furniture: last year we took a neighbors discarded rattan love seat in the hopes of buying it a new cushion and using it on the porch this year. So, I broke it out and headed out to a couple of stores to find a cushion for it. After going to at least five stores, I finally found what I was looking for at Pier 1. I bought a cushion and a cute little "daisy" table to go along side the love seat - I just couldn't resist it, it was so cute.

Well, when I brought the cushion home and put it on the couch, and put the little table beside it, it was obvious that the old couch just wouldn't do. Of course it wouldn't...isn't that just the way?! So, out I went to Pier 1 again today to buy a new love seat and new cushions for our "old" set of porch furniture. I figured with new cushions we could get another year or two of use out of the set (which is probably 10-12 years old by now - we bought it used), and I was right. It all looks so cute and welcoming. Once we know the nice weather is really here we'll bring out the plants and it will become our outside living room for the summer. I cannot stress enough how much I love my porch!

These days have truly been a gift. To have them so early in the season will make it seem like a very short winter indeed! But, that nagging voice in the back of my mind keeps whispering "out like a lion."Quiet!


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