That's Showbiz

This week Annalisse auditioned for this year's non-dancing, non-singing play, Harvey(Last weekend the singers and the dancers put on an the excellent show "Guys and Dolls"-  the kids in Fairport did such a great job!!). If you'll remember last year she had one of the leads (as Martha Brewer) in FHS's Arsenic and Old Lace. This year, she had a pretty strong start with her monologue on Tuesday, but was very upset with what she considered a very bad callback audition today.

We just checked online and she got the part of "Miss Johnson" in the play.

On the one hand: Hurray! She got a part!
On the other hand: It's a very small part indeed.

So, needless to say, she's disappointed after her grand debut last year. It reminds me of the days she was chosen to be a "freakin' woodsperson" in Into the Woods, or a "locker talker" (one of the kids who stands around talking near the lockers in the background) in one of her middle school plays. At least she still has next year, and Downstage. Chin up, "Miss Johnson"! Great things are coming your way!


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