Gearing Up For Spring Crew

This weekend starts the official race season for RIT crew. Last weekend Cam and his "four" raced in a scrimmage against the University of Rochester and won by, according to Cam, "less than a second." Here's the news release from RIT's website. They didn't exactly win by "less than a second," but still did really well. The kids were really pumped.

On Saturday we head to RIT for a race against St. Lawrence University, and on Sunday they face off against Hobart. Since we're local I emailed the coach and asked if he would like us to bring bagels for the team. He was very appreciative so we're all set for bagels for 50 for Sunday that we will try to get there between 7 and 7:30am (you do the math: early morning bagel pickup before heading to Geneva, a 45 minute ride).  We're happy to help.

I'm so glad that Cam is really enjoying crew. It's very exciting for the mother of a boy who was never an athlete to know that he is really engaged and confident in this sport!


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