Random Thoughts for a Lazy Sunday Morning

Feeling compelled to write a blog update...not much exciting going on...here are some updates. You may find them exciting, you may find them mundane. I'm thinking "mundane"to "mildly interesting":

We saw The Hunger Games yesterday and really liked it. I felt is was well cast but obviously not long enough to include all the details that would have made it a richer story. Also about yesterday: I spent just a 1/2 hour at home between the hours of  8:30 and 9:30pm. I don't like those kind of days. We are definitely in the "no nap zone" lately.

Tonight the fifth season of Mad Men starts, which I am very much looking forward to. Some friends are coming over to watch the season premiere so as I head out to go shopping in a little while I want to think of some mid-sixties era snacks to make. Any suggestions?

The amazing weather that graced us last weekend lasted through most of the week, and now we're back to more seasonable cool/cold and rainy weather, although still pretty warm out compared to other years. The trees are budding, the spring flowers are out, and the Lilac Festival organizers are worried that the lilacs will be way past their bloom before the festival. I think foliage is just generally confused this year.

This morning I made blueberry pancakes and bacon after church. I love the smell of cooking that permeates the house on a lazy weekend morning. It's very comforting!

Two weeks from today (Easter Sunday) we'll be on our way to Virginia to visit Mom Shiao, and then Sue and Ken in Roanoke. We'll be getting a couple of college visits in while we're at it. I'm really looking forward to the change of scenery; I've really got the travel bug right now.

Annalisse continues to be upset that she still doesn't have a date for the Junior Prom. PLEASE PLEASE UNIVERSE, SEND A DATE HER WAY SO WE CAN ALL BE HAPPY. She's also not to happy that she has just one line in this year's play, quite a step down from last year's co-lead last. The consolation is that she still has next year!

We saw Cameron yesterday and he seemed pretty happy. He's really getting engaged with crew, likes his program, will be living in a cool on-campus apartment (Global Village) next year with his friend Ryan and three other guys, and is all set with his summer job at Camp Bristol. Of concern: he lost his second roommate yesterday after two weeks of rooming together. He lost his first roommate after Christmas break, and that was okay because they didn't really seem to take to each other. His second roommate moved in at the beginning of the third quarter and Cam seemed to like him better - as in: they actually talked and the new roommate didn't stay up all night and sleep all day. Then, yesterday, when he was out with us, he came back and his roommate was gone. He doesn't know why, and his RA doesn't know why. For the first time since he's been a student I've communicated with the school to understand what's going on with his roommate situation. Hopefully someone gets back to me on Monday. Otherwise, he seems content.

And finally, I'm about 80 visits away from 10,000 visitors. That's not including the approximately 12,000 visitors I had before I added a new counter. Won't you help me make it to 10,000?!


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