"May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor!"

It is with great impatience that we are anticipating the coming of "The Hunger Games" movie, which will be out next Friday (March 23). The Hunger Games trilogy was the best set of books I've read in a very long time - it's a story that really stays with you, and I still think of them often almost three months after finishing them. (Real or not real?)

Ironically, when the book the first book in the triology (The Hunger Games) landed on the list as the January's selection for this season's bookclub, I was a little annoyed. In the past we've read apocalyptic, end-of-the-world, gloom-and-doom type gems, and I wasn't in the mood to spend my precious free time pushing through a story that would ultimately be littered with death and despair.  But, the day after Christmas I took the $25 Barnes & Noble gift card Mark had given me and headed out to buy January's selection. To my surprise and delight,  I was totally hooked from page one. The story was intriguing and original, the writing engaging and accessible, and the characters sympathetic and believable. Although it presented a pretty dark theme and did not offer a lot of hope, I still loved it.

Being a quick read, I worked through the book in a day-and-a-half, and had to go immediately out to buy the second (Catching Fire), then the third (Mockingjay) and final installment. After I finished the first book, I passed it onto Cam, who read it in a day and finished all three over three days. He enjoyed the books as well. Next was my reluctant reader, Annalisse, who also got into the first book and finished it in record time (for her). It was especially great for her to read it because she was very proud she had finished it, and fairly quickly. Rarely does she ever read for pleasure so she was excited to work through the second book as well. Unfortunately, school and other activities have gotten in the way and she's just half way through the third book, which I'm sure she'll finish soon, but probably not until at least April break. Mark is the only hold out. I just can't seem to convince him to read the books...another reluctant reader. He says he'll wait for the movie.

If you're also a fan, here's a little something to wet your appetite (Peeta's interview with Caesar):

Totally can't wait!


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