The Winter Weekend Means...

My life is ruled by rituals, and weekends in the winter mean...
  • Sleeping in until 6:30 or 7am 
  • Walking with pup to get my coffee (weather permitting) and drinking said coffee all morning long whilst surfing the Internet, browsing the (mosty ad-filled) paper, or watching some mindless drivel on TV for most of the morning 
  • If I'm lucky: afternoon naptime!
  • Setting the grandfather clock from "silent" to "chime." 
  • Eating out (what's so different from any other day of the week, you ask?) 
  • If not going out to dinner, cooking a special meal (I actually do like to do this, more than you'd think!) 
  • Staying in my sweats until the last possible moment that I have to go out and face my adoring public 
  • Taking a shower eventually, or not at all (Hey! It's good for your skin to have a break in dry, cold weather especially. It's true. Look it up.) 
  • Pulling the rocker up to the fire and enjoying a good book.
It feels soooo good. There's something so comforting about the low expectations for January. Hunker down, say warm and recharge.

(See? Another list. What a crazy list-maker.)


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