Finally! A positive post about winter!

One thing I really like about winter is hockey. This is worth noting since, in general, I am not a sports fan, nor do I like winter. In fact, as hard as I try, I DO NOT GET football. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday a pray we will not be invited to a superbowl party as sitting through the game is absolute misery and boredom for me (it's a great time to catch up on my reading, though). I usually go grocery shopping on Super Bowl Sunday assuming that everyone will be so busy with their parties that the store will be a ghost town. It's usually not until I get there that I realize everyone is there picking up snacks for their party and it's as crazy as ever. *Sigh*

I like baseball also, although I find it a little boring most of the time, and I suppose I can figure out what's going on in soccer and lacrosse. Basketball is also a fun sport to watch. But my favorite is hockey.

Not just because of the non-stop constantly-shifting action, but also because growing up in the North Country, hockey is what you did on the weekends. I have such great memories of hanging with my friends, freezing at the Massena Arena, and occasionally turning around to face the rink and check the action/scoreboard. Hockey was our social life in the winter.

Recently we've been trying to catch the Fairport Raiders in action (ironically, Massena's team was also the  Raiders, although we had an Indian head and Fairport has a pirate). My cousin Sandy's two sons, Nick and Ryan, are on the FHS team so it's also a great chance to catch up with Sandy and his wife, Colleen. Annalisse also likes to go, but for her it's a combo of enjoying the game and checking out the spectators. She especially likes to go when Fairport plays McQuaid, Rochester's all boy high school, which apparently has some hot guys on the team (or hot guys, in general). Try as I might I haven't yet been able to catch a Fairport vs. Massena game. This year's matchup was in Syracuse, so we'll have to watch the schedule for next year's game.

For the last couple of years, but not this year as we've not had a winter to speak of, Fairport has hosted a Pond Hockey Tournament on the Erie Canal. Our little town is perfectly suited for such an event, with a lot of great restaurant's and bars just a short walk from the action. We've looked forward to going to that, but alas, this year it's not gotten cold enough for the canal to freeze.

So there you have it...I don't hate everything about winter, just most things.


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