The No Snow Winter

Here are are on January 12 and there has still been no winter to speak of this year. We've had a couple of overnight dustings, but they did not amount to anything and were usually gone my mid-day. We've even had a couple of winter advisories and severe weather warnings...all for naught.

(Obviously, there's a difference between "no snow" in Rochester, NY and "no snow" in Atlanta, GA so my Southern friends need not comment about how they never get any snow.)

I have to admit, this whole no-snow thing is making me a little nervous. In addition to the lack of white stuff, it's been unseasonable warm this year. Christmas week the temp ranged from 40-60 degrees every day. What the heck?

Global warming?
The beginning of the Apocalypse?

Whatever the reason, I can't help but feel we'll pay for this respite with a crappy summer. I bet you'd never hear me say this, but here it goes:

I wish it would snow. A lot. And I wish it were really cold out. That would make me feel better and put me more at ease.

(As long as it's all gone by April 1.)


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