A Clean Slate

Welcome to 2012! One of the great things about starting a new year is the way it feels like we can all start over with "a clean slate." Of course, our problems and bad habits do tend to follow us from one year to another, but I think it's important, psychologically anyway, feel like we've been given a chance to start the year out fresh!

The new year is already looking to be a busy one for us with travel planned and many weekends already committed. Last week I broke out the 2012 calendar and started filling it in. To my amazement we've already got a lot of weekends (and weeks) with obligations such as:

  • A trip to San Juan PR for me the third weekend in January for my NAGAP board meeting (please do not feel sorry for me!).
  • Annalisse's Downstage performances each month
  • A trip to Virginia the second week in April and a trip to Austin, TX the last week in April
  • Cam has a regatta every weekend in April, and we're going to try to make it those. The farthest one will be at WPI in Worchester, MA. If we go I'm hoping we might be able to meet up with our Franklin, MA cousins.
  • A trip to visit Anthony in Raleigh and to see Wicked either the first or second weekend in May
  • Caroline, our German exchange student, visits for two weeks starting in mid-May
  • Cam leaves for his camp job the last weekend in June, and Annalisse leaves for Germany for three weeks at the same time.
  • If I am asked back to the NAGAP board, I'll be heading to Las Vegas again in July, and somewhere else (TBD) for the October meeting.
There will also be a girl's weekend in there somewhere, as well as a 50th Birthday fishing trip for Mark. He'd like to go to Maine so I have to figure that one out. Also, I'd love to work in a weekend trip to Chicago with Mark and Annalisse at some point, maybe in March or August. I'd like to take in a Second City show when we go.

As long as the world doesn't end (as predicted) in late 2012, it's shaping up to be another fun year!

Take your clean slate and make it great!!


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