Just Another Sunday in Mayberry

Here I go again. Loving my street.

Today a couple of "us neighbors" coordinated a baby shower for another neighbor (we'll call her "Stephanie"...ok, you got me; that's her real name) in celebration of the upcoming birth of her baby boy. Even though this is Steph and Jeff's fourth child, it's their first boy, and that was a good enough reason to get together and have some mid-winter Sunday fun.

At the shower we all marveled how lucky we are to live on such an awesome street. Sure, the houses are relatively tiny and you know about all the problems that come with living in an older house, but you can't beat the interest and concern we all have for each other. Street sale, street picnic, Christmas cookie exchange, and just last night, a euchre party...we just plain like hanging out together.

I know the Village experience is not for everyone. Many like much more "space" and don't like the idea of getting to know their neighbors quite so well. (While I know some feel this way it's still hard for me to understand that feeling.) And while I would love to live someplace warmer I feel that what we have here is really special.

Lucky. Blessed. Fourth Ave. Fairport.


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