Memories in Print

This is what 850 pictures look like
Today I received my yearly photo order - a whopping 850ish pictures taken over the last year. You may recall in this post when I described my end-of-the-year task list, which included placing a huge picture order.  The greatest thing is that it didn't even cost that much (approx. $35 in all) as I had a photo credit from last year, along with with 25% off the order and free shipping from Snapfish.

Am I the only one person concerned that in 30 years we won't have any photo albums...that all our digitally captured memories will be lost when our computers die (which they all eventually do) or the technology changes? I cannot tell you how much joy it brought me to look through those pictures tonight. They came out so great and I know that even though we probably won't pull out the albums very often they'll be there for our future generations.

Isn't it time you preserved some of your memories? (Do it before it's too late!) Maybe I'm just a sentimental fool.


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