Revisiting "The List"

I live my life according to lists. Seriously, if I couldn't write things down and cross them off (and sometimes write them down just to cross them off), I'm not sure I'd ever get anything done. Remember this post when I talked about "the list?" (Or, more specifically, The Never Ending List.)

I'm happy to report that last week we were able to cross something off the list: a new stove. (Ironically, I never included a new stove on the "Never Ending List" blog entry.) Hurray. Pardon my lack of excitement, but I probably would want a new stove more if I actually liked to cook. Nevertheless, it's a pretty impressive piece of work, complete with a new (sorely needed) range hood and a long-awaited backsplash (although a little too late - the wallpaper is ruined since we didn't put up a back splash seven years ago when we wallpapered [which I hate - don't get me started]) the kitchen.

Even I have to admit the new stove is cool. It's a flat top with the controls in the front, and has two ovens: a little one which will be great for baking, and a regular sized (convection) oven. I (did not) shed a tear when they took old Goldie away...1978 called: it wants its stove back.

Next up: If all goes wel with this year's income taxes, I think we're going to put a new porch and stairs on the front of the house this spring or summer. Just think: All I need is about $100,000 and I could knock everything off that darn list. It's the stuff that dreams are made of.

Goodbye, Goldie.

Hello, Silver!


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