He'd better not see his shadow. I'm not kidding.

Today marks my favorite day of the year. Christmas? Well, you already know my thoughts on that. Thanksgiving? Good food but nothing to write home about. Easter? A bright and sunny Sunday, but it's back to work the next day. But Groundhogs Day - there's nothing like it. For all of us "glass half full" kind of people, this day marks the beginning of the end of winter. I've always made a big deal about Groundhog's Day, and this year is no different. Because it falls on a Saturday, we'll be celebrating at work on Monday with a summer picnic complete with picnic foods and a picnic basket. Usually I ask everyone to dress in either yellow (sun), brown (groundhog), or grey (clouds). I'm not insisting on that this year, though. Just knowing it will be sunny and warm again soon is enough!

Update: That furry oversized chipmunk saw his shadow again this year. Curses!


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