We're off to see the Wonder

Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to Niagara Falls (Canada) for a winter break overnight at the Americana Resort, which features an indoor waterpark. I like to tell people how cool it is to live just over an hour from one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but it turns out I've been wrong all these years and Niagara Falls isn't one of the Seven Wonders. And that's not all. Apparently there are Seven New Wonders that were announced recently.

It turns out Niagara Falls is merely one of the Seven Forgotten Wonders of the World. What??!! In fact, there are several categories of Seven Wonders of the World such as Ancient World Wonders, Wonders of the Medieval Mind, Natural Wonders, Underwater Wonders, Wonders of the Modern World, and Forgotten Wonders of the Medieval Mind. Who knew?

Oh well, think of us among all the tacky attractions, overpriced souvenirs, and terrible food at Niagara Falls tomorrow. But more importantly, imagine us overlooking the Falls, and the majesty and awe of experiencing one of the Seven Forgotten Wonders of the World in all its frozen glory!


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