Happy Birthday, 15 Year Old!

My "baby" is 15 today. Arriving almost three weeks early (he was due on 3/9/93 - which, I'm sure you will agree, would be a very cool birthdate), he surprised me by being a boy, for I was absolutely sure I was having a girl (to be named Claire). Back then, you could find out the gender of the baby just as now you can now, but we chose not to. So, after a hard days work (I arrived at the hospital at 9am, and he was born at 5pm), we welcomed our sweet little boy and named him Cameron. His name was not as common 15 years ago as it is now, and the comments on his name ranged from "People will call him Ronnie" (my mother-in-law) to my old aunt calling him Camera.

Milestones like this always make me take a nostalgic look back. Cameron has lost three grandpas and other relatives since he was born; he's gained a sister (which I'm sure, to this day, he wishes had not come along) and a new cousin; we've moved two times; and we lost our two original "children," Bailey and Pru (we always told him he was actually our "third" child).

Cameron has always been a little guy. This year he has shot up in height (he's always travelled along the 5-10th percentile, which is not very alarming since Mark did too) and is now taller than me and on his way to his dad's height. He finally weighs enough to sit in the front seat of the car (tipping the scales at 88 pounds). We used to joke that he would be the only 17 year old still sitting in the back seat of the car. Buying clothes is a real challenge, especially pants, because he's getting taller but is skinny as a stick.

Time flies - which can be good but also a little sad. In three short years Cameron will be heading off to college, and we all know how quickly time passes after that. So enjoy your day, Cam!


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