A Day of Catch-Up (Ketchup?)

Whew! Today I took a day off work to do a lot of running around and catch-up on chores around the house. Among the exciting things planned for this bonus weekend day:
  • Meet with the tax guy at 9:30 to do our taxes. We're holding our breath and hoping for the best.
  • Register Jasper with the town so they stop will sending me those threatening letters.
  • Go to the mall to shop around for new cellular plans. We want to get Cameron a phone for his 15th birthday (on Feb. 18), but want to see if we can info on rates from different vendors. We may end up staying with AT&T, but it's been a while since we checked out plans. (I don't have to worry about Cameron finding out that he may be getting a phone. He never reads the blog.)
  • Take Cameron to the doctor at 2:00 because apparently he fell on his shoulder during ski club on Tuesday night, and has been very sore and can't raise his left arm very far. I did not hear this from him (the "falling during ski club" part). If he hadn't mentioned it to Mark I would still be wondering why his shoulder hurt all of a sudden. This is a kid of very few words. Let's just say that did not work to his advantage this week when we got his report card and there were a couple of "surprises" there (and not the good kind).
  • Put the lighted garland away from the mantle. I know, I know. But it's so nice to have those lights on during these cold winter evenings.
  • Do a couple of loads of laundry.

There is low probability that I will get a nap today. Oh well, there's always tomorrow (and Sunday). This evening it will be off for a fish fry at The Landing in the Village, which has the greatest beer-battered fish fry around!!


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