Happy Valentine's Day!

In celebration of LOVE, Happy Valentine's Day to you! I know this particular "holiday" polarizes opinion and sometimes gets a bad wrap (just another commercial moneymaker), but I really like it. To me it's a time to take a minute to share a greeting card (that can express the sentiment you feel but may not have expressed in a while because things can get pretty routine after 20 years), and enjoy a meal out with that special person or your special family. I must say that I am glad we're past the elementary school years when I had to write out (or, later, get them to sit down and write out) dozens of valentine's for the kids classmates.

I've always thought that people who have Valentine's Day as a birthday (Happy Birthday Droop, Otto and Colleen), or get married on this day are pretty cool. To lovers (and those who love and are loved) everywhere, have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


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