What makes a good day a great day?

Yesterday was one of those great days. It was just an ordinary day that felt great. Of course, there are the days in life you expect to be great like graduations, weddings, birthday milestones, but what about the other days?

Every once at the end of the day I think (and often say), "This has been a great day." The ordinary days that become great seem to have these things in common:

  • The weather is "just right;" sunny, not too hot, not too cold, just perfect
  • It is a day spent with friends and family
  • Everyone (Mark, the kids, me) is in good mood

Yesterday, after I got back from my quick trip up north to visit Mom, which included a fun night in Alex Bay with Mary, we went to a party at my bookclub pal Kelly's, then came home and made treats for the kids as they were having friends over for a bonfire. Around 7:00, we got a call from our friends to go to their house (a short walk in the Village) to play bocci and have mojitos. How could we refuse?!

When we got home the kids were all inside (my two plus six or seven more) watching a movie, and the sound of laughter made my heart soar. It's wonderful to hear the kids having fun as I know it was one of the last times all the camp friends will be together this summer. Most leave for college this week, and will probably not all be in the same place again until next May.

It was great end to a great day.


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