Last Day of Staycation

It is my last day of staycation. As I sit at the counter with my Morning Glory bagel and Hazelnut/Blueberry/Island Coconut Green Mountain Coffee, I can look back on this week and think: It was a good, productive one!

Despite the fact (or...because of the fact...) that Mark has been on a project in Birmingham, AL all week (he comes home late tonight), the kids and I got a ton done this week. We cleaned out a lot of their unwanted clothes and dropped them off for donation, we got Cam moved into his new place, we did a lot of college shopping for Annalisse's room supplies (you know, the important stuff like wall decals and curtains), and converted A's bank account to a savings/checking (vs. just savings) account.

I got the dog groomed, went to the library to get October's selection for bookclub, and, most importantly for my sanity, took tons of naps on the porch. On Tuesday night my old friend Chris and his wife Marie were in town to drop their son off for his freshman year at RIT, and they were able to stop by for a walk to the Village for Donnelly's wings and the Royal Cafe's spaghetti ice cream. It was wonderful seeing them! Still to do: find "70s" clothes for a '70s themed party next Friday night. So, today I'm going to hit up the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores. I have no idea what I'll be able to find!

It's just been a nice, relaxing week. (Which always reminds me of how I would love to find a nice, flexible part-time job that pays like a full-time job!!) Slowly Annalisse's friends have been leaving for college, and it is making things very real for her (and me) now as she prepares to head out next Saturday. We've gathered all her gear and supplies by the front door so I can gage how big the pile will be (and whether or now we'll be able to fit it all into the CRV). I know she is nervous but I assured her she'll be fine. We're savoring these last moments, but excited for the next phase also!


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