Weekend Roundup

Another weekend has come to an end and once again I prepare to go back to work after a leisurely week off.  : (

As weekends go, though, this was a pretty good one. The weather was amazing (sunny and warm every day, but not too hot), and there was tons to do. On Saturday morning we walked to the market/to get coffee, then came home and loaded the bike into the CRV to take to Cam at his apartment. In the afternoon we headed to the 9th Annual Fairport Music and Food Festival in the Village. Kudos to the organizers of this great event; it just gets better and better every year.

All proceeds from the festival go to the Strong/Golisano Children's Hospital, and our friend Steve, who is one of the organizers, told us they sold upwards of 10,000 tix pre-sale online ($10 presale/$15 day of). Not too shabby! The crowds were gathering in the afternoon when we headed back home to take a nap and go for dinner. Then, we (along with Annalisse who tagged along because she is so incredibly bored with all her friends away at college - she desperately had to resort to hanging around with her parents), headed back to the festival around 8pm and, of course, ran into tons of friends there. It was really fun, and the music was great (four stages with much musical variety - there was something for everyone). Annalisse loved watching all the drunk people dancing around...it was a great venue for people watching! Have I mentioned lately how amazing the Fairport community is? OOOps, just did!

Today, I got up early and headed to Wegmans to get groceries, including ingredients to make sauce-n-balls for Cam and his roommates. He and Ryan, his roommate from Fairport, dropped by in the afternoon to pick up his to-go spaghetti dinner, which I hope they are enjoying as I write this. Tomorrow starts the fall semester (the first time they are "on" semesters (15 weeks); they've only had quarters (10 weeks) until now), although he doesn't have class until Tuesday (but, I think he's working on Monday). Fingers crossed for a good semester for him!

Annalisse is counting the days until she leaves on Saturday, but has a couple of things she needs to wrap up this week. Mark is working from home all week so that should help with some of the running around. Now, I mentally need to make the shift back to working tomorrow...


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