Meroffle and Spoof

The kids' summer job at Camp Bristol is done. There were hugs and tears as they said their goodbyes to their camp counselor friends yesterday evening, and prepared to move into the final stretch of summer. Obviously, their time together is not really over as Cam picked up a couple of camp friends and headed back out to Oswego for an overnight. I'm sure they'll be making dates to get together in the next week or two until they all head back to college for good. 
We move Cam into his off campus apartment (but near RIT) next Sunday (well, we're moving his stuff in but he probably won't actually move in until later in the week as classes start on August 26), and Annalisse is one of the last to leave with move in being on August 31. She'll be really chomping at the bit by then. She's already pretty nervous about the whole undertaking but keeping her cool.

As we wrap up loose ends and do the final running around and shopping for college, let us take a few moments to savor these last precious weeks of summer!


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