One Down

Today Cam headed out to finish moving into his new apartment at Park Point near RIT (he starts classes on Monday). We brought most of his stuff over on Sunday, and he finished moving in today. Well, actually, he got over there and realized he forgot his clothes, so had to come home, then he went back. Did I tell you that Park Point has the following amenities:

  • Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Fitness center
  • Mini-theatre
  • Grills to cook out
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Group study room
  • Shuttle service to RIT
  • Discounts at nearby restaurants
  • Occasional complex wide events like concerts

Not to mention, he's got a pretty sweet apartment that he's sharing with three other guys. They each have their own room, which will be nice for Cam this year since last year he had to share a room with a smelly, slobby, gaming guy. That made for a very long year and he's certainly paid his dues.

It seems like he's been home a very long time, and he sort of has been (since the third week in May). We're looking forward to him having a great year, which includes rejoining the RIT crew team. So proud of him!


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