What I will miss (and not miss) about High School

No, this post was not written by one of the kids. It was written by me. You know, the B@ker blogger.

Reflecting on the kids' secondary school years as they come to a close, I was thinking about what I'll really miss about the kids being part of the daily fabric of the Fairport Schools:

  • Seeing the kids' friends and their families on a regular basis. In the case of Annalisse I will especially miss seeing the Dorseys (shout out to our girl, Jackie! ~ a regular reader of the blog) and the McJurys. The comforting thing is that I know we will still bump into them at the Fairport hot spots since we're all empty nesters now.
  • That excited feeling the first and last day of school. Especially the last day. There is nothing like it ~ the summer looms ahead like an open highway with no end in sight.
  • "Free" textbooks.
  • The great, great teachers.
  • Having someone get home early to take the dog out.
  • Of course, I will miss seeing my kids every day. This will become painfully apparent when they are both away at school beginning the first week in September.

Given equal measure, there are surely things that I will not miss:

  • Packing Annalisse's very elaborate lunches every day. With her gluten and dairy allergies she could not eat the school food. At 5:50am every morning I was up making stir fry, salads, shrimp, cutting up fruit and vegetables, and packing other snacks for her to eat throughout the day. I will not miss that, although you should have seen what she took to eat a camp for the week.
  • Test anxiety (mine). Being so in touch with what tests where being taken when, there was always a couple of days of nagging to "be sure to study." 
  • Girl drama
  • Getting up so freakin' early
  • Forms, forms, forms.
  • Open house/teacher nights.
As it turns out, it looks like there is more that I won't miss than what I will. I think the overriding thing I will miss, though, is the people. What a great, engaged community Fairport is. It's a wonderful place for families and we've met so many of them!!


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