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Well, both kids' formal education has come to an end. Everything from here on out is "optional!" (Not really, but still an interesting thought.)

Last night was Annalisse's graduation. After a year of basically being weepy everytime I thought about graduation I was actually pretty cool, calm and collected when the event actually happened. I remember thinking the same thing about Cam's graduation two years ago - I was a basket case in the months and days leading up to graduation, but did a pretty good job keeping it together at the ceremony itself. I spoke with a fellow mom afterward who echoed the same sentiments. Weird, huh?

The ceremony was admittedly long with not too many inspiring speakers. It didn't seem as engaging as Cam's graduation, but that was probably because of the really dynamic speakers and special video they showed during his ceremony (see right sidebar of the blog). The new principal, who has been there a year, is well liked by the students but boy, was he a wooden speaker/reader. It was almost comical. Mary came for the night, which was nice, and we were joined at the ceremony by Mark's uncle Pete,  Lena, Ken, Nic and Patrick. 

Of course, the funnest part is afterward, seeing the excitement on the kid's faces and greeting all the families. This weekend will be filled with Annalisse heading out to parties, and me doing laundry and gathering supplies to get the kids ready to head to a week of training on Sunday for their camp jobs. We'll now be transitioning to Summer: Part II, with the camp jobs, my girl's weekend, our trip to Las Vegas, and getting ready for the new school year. (Not to mention finishing up all the work on the house.

We are so proud of both kids, and so truly blessed!!

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