It's beginning to feel a lot like...summer

The kids drove off in the CRV today at noon for their training week at Camp Bristol. This year Cam is the Shooting Specialist (he had to go for shooting training - an NRA program...don't ask), and Annalisse is a junior counselor. Cam had to take the car because he'll need to go back and forth to Naz this week while he finishes up his Organic Chem class. I guess you could say the coming weeks will be a little like "empty nest in training" for us. Cam will be at camp right through the first week in August (home Friday night, back Sunday morning), and Annalisse will be there five out of the seven weeks as we will be going to Las Vegas from July 10-15, which will cut across two camp weeks. So, yeah. They're gone. 

It's a little different than when they used to be gone to camp and we would have our "week of eating out," trying new and old favorite restaurants around Rochester. Now, with college looming, being by ourselves will be more the norm and OBVIOUSLY we can't eat out every night (can we?)!

I'm super happy that it's another short week, and for a good reason: GIRLS WEEKEND! My fave weekend of the year!! This year we head to Hershey, PA where we've rented a luxury cabin at Hershey Highmeadow Campground. As always, I'm looking forward to a lot of laughter and some great times with my girls!


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